Fivlytics Fiverr Analytics and Keyword Tool

Fivlytics Free Fiverr Analytics and Keyword Tool. Ranking a gig on the Fiverr is the main goal of any freelancer. Because without ranked gig you can not earn much money from Fiverr. So today we will discuss the Fiverr Keyword Analytics tool and about where our Gig is currently ranking.

What is Fivlytics?

Fivlytics is a free Fiverr Analytic tool. It help you with providing keyword insights such as how many gigs available, pricing distribution, seller ratings, and seller categories. It provides these information.

  • Total Gigs on a particular keyword
  • Online Seller
  • Pro Seller
  • Seller Level
  • Seller package distribution
  • Gig Pricing ( Highest Price & Lowest Price )
  • Gigs By Countries
  • Gig Rank Check

How To Analyse A Keyword on Fivlytics Keyword Tool

Fivlytics is very simple and easy to use. You don’t need to signup and it is 100% free.

  • Visit fivlytics website
  • Enter your username and target keyword
  • Click “Analyze Keyword”
  • Now you can get lots of information about the keyword and your position on the search page.

Please note that this tool only gives you information about first 100 results of the search page. If your gig is not within first 100, tool gives keyword insights but your position is not shown.

Let’s see what is the result after typing a keyword WordPress speed optimization in Fiverr keyword analytics tool.

Fivlytics Fiverr Keyword Research Tool
How to use Fivlytics for Fiverr Keyword Research

Want to know about Buyer Name in Buyer Request Window?

Now simply install  Fivlytics – Fiverr Seller Assistant – Google Chrome Extension.

By installing Chrome Extension you will see a little change.

Yes, now you have the Buyer name in front of you. Now you can make a Quality Proposal Gig by address him by his name.


Checkout you Fiverr Gig Rank:

Simply click on Gig Rank Checker. Put your Fiverr username & Target keyword then press enter.

gig rank checker


I hope it will help you in increasing your Fiverr Gig Ranking & Money.

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