Give double respect to a woman who carries double responsibility

A woman has her own name. There is an identity. Even if she is identified as the wife of so-and-so or the daughter of so-and-so or the mother of so-and-so, a healthy thought maybe that she should also retain her individual identity as a whole human being.

Give double respect to a woman who carries a double responsibility

The biggest problem is when the bird is not only satisfied with its flight but also considers it a blessing to be forcibly deprived of the power of flight that nature has given it. It was written by Bano Qudsia Sahiba

“Love is the name of sitting in an open cage”

Give double respect to a woman who carries double responsibility

When the cage is locked and the bird says that my master loves me so much that he keeps me locked up for my safety, then this can be called the ignorance of the bird. The primary and central responsibility of a woman is to take care of the home. Along with this responsibility, the woman needs encouragement and support as she takes on the additional responsibility of helping to improve the household economy.
She should get more respect for carrying the burden that she could not have easily given the excuse of being a woman.

She used to sleep whenever she wanted during the day. Housework is not as easy as it is made out to be. Employment requires competence and competence. It should have happened that we should strengthen the courage of these women who carry a double burden. Apply ointment on the blisters of their feet.
But here the trend is reversed.

Women with competence, ability, and competence are looked down upon as liberals, and feminists. Like they have used a job as a cover to move out of the house. They come home refreshed after doing rounds all day long, and those who live in the comfort of their own homes are tired all day long. A strange reverse constitution has been made.

Staying at home is easy, daily chores at home do not require extraordinary skills. Children need quality time. The will of women is whether they stay at home or lend a hand in supporting the family.
But please the working woman actually deserves to be glorified. He has chosen the difficult path. I will pay tribute to the men of her house for not taking away her identity from a woman. Considering him as a fool, he did not lose his way. Helped him become a dignified and confident person. I salute these men. He did not oppress the women under his patronage but enhanced them.

It is not a debate whether a woman earns a living or just bakes bread. All women take a career break for the sake of children, or at the same time take care of all the responsibilities. These women are more capable, more competent, more capable. They are not a burden on anyone. These are Rifika Hayat in the true sense.

This long story had to be written because some people have followed the opposite path. A stay-at-home woman is Sati Savitri and a double-duty woman is contemptible, liberal, and feminist. I don’t know who a feminist is. What does he think? But It is for God to give her rightful position and respect to a worthy woman who works twice as hard as herself. Sharif is not one who did not get a chance. Sharif is the one who did not take advantage of all the opportunities. Keep your dignity.

The woman whose name everyone knows is low in character and the one who kept her name Mastur is high in character. This is not a criteria for ranking a woman’s character. Correctness of thinking is very important. The point of gratitude for me is that the men in my life were proud of me and I kept them proud.

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