Why is Amazon banning the accounts of Pakistani?

Pakistanis are committing fraud and cheating in many ways including the following Drop shipping, fake tracking, fake refunding, fake reviews, drop shipping bypass, amazon to amazon dropshipping fake tracking, bypassing the main seller, getting fake reviews using VPN, misleading the customer, reselling another brand’s products. Listing, re-tagging products, etc.

Why is Amazon banning the accounts of Pakistani?

It is popular to earn millions of rupees from dropshipping without investment, do FBA like this, learn so-and-so series, etc., etc. All this is complete nonsense and nonsense. Amazon’s Secret Tips and Drop What Pakistani mentors are teaching cat and mouse game in the name of shipping is banned in world e-commerce and based on this many countries and sellers have been permanently banned by Amazon.

The biggest disadvantage of these tricks is that from where the products are listed and tagged, they also come into trouble and they either pay a heavy penalty or get banned forever. For those who teach tricks and tricks in the name of tips, tricks are all nonsense and wrong.

The thing that disturbs Amazon by Pakistanis is drop shipping (remember drop shipping is not allowed by Amazon it is the strictest law) all the YouTubers and mentors in Pakistan are dovetailing drop shipping and Ali. Baba, Ali Express, Best Bay, eBay, Wal-Mart, and other stores by dropshipping and selling at high prices, etc. teach all these things, and all of them fall into the category of nonsense and fraud.

The second most common complaint is receiving a refund after purchasing products from another store, for example, ordering a product from Wal-Mart or Best Bay, selling it on Amazon, and then being told by the store that the product was broken, or leaking. If it was bad or bad, send them a bad product and get a refund by tagging it. Pick up a $100 product from a seller and sell it with a $150 deposit from your account.

Sending a product to someone, generating a fake tracking, and sending it. Selling another brand’s product while those products are out of stock, making the hoaxer wait and then refunding them, etc. Convincing the customer with various promises of products and then doing the same double digits. Showing the products something else and sending something else and then being rude to the customer or blocking him. Apart from this, Pakistanis are defrauding themselves and the country by many other fake and wrong methods.

We Pakistanis used to cry that Amazon is not coming to Pakistan, we are not able to work in world e-commerce. When Amazon came to Pakistan after much persuasion, Amazon repented in a short time. Banning more than 13 thousand accounts in a year means that soon Amazon will blacklist Pakistan and then some time. He will not leave Pakistanis on Amazon.

Apart from Amazon, many well-known digital companies are based in Pakistan. They do not want to provide services in Pakistan because the new fraud and frauds of Pakistanis have damaged the image of Pakistan. It is not an example. Countries India, Bangladesh, and Nepal have gone ahead of us, their digital earnings and GD are more than the budget of our entire country. Neither the government here has any sense nor any sensible person has an inclination towards this.

The biggest loss of all these frauds and thugs will be to those sellers who are actually doing good work and are honestly earning their livelihood. Those who are doing really well should keep their e-commerce companies going. All the youth whose livelihood is related to e-commerce will suffer because when the country is blacklisted, all will be affected.

I don’t understand that when you can eat right and halal by working hard. All over the world, those who work well and honestly are respected, encouraged, investors or sellers cooperate and more honestly than you think. If you can earn, then why are you ruining yourself and others by bypassing, taking shortcuts, and doing double digits?

God is requested! With honesty, dedication, and true hard work, earn the right halal livelihood and get long-term income. E-commerce is the best and strongest source of income in the world. You can earn so much from e-commerce that seven generations can sit and eat. Therefore, by learning the work with its right, adopting the legitimate and correct way, and working, God willing, you can get more income than you think.

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