Social media marketing + E-commerce = Good income

By working continuously from 8 am to 12 pm you will get at least two orders, after deducting shipping charges and keeping 400 profit from one order, it becomes 24000 per month. If you want to make your livelihood by using social media positively, then read this article till the end, and if you don’t understand, ask in the comments.

Social media marketing + E-commerce = Good income

Social media marketing

First of all, you have to learn Social Media Marketing (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads).

Creating a page, setting up a page, increasing followers, handling a page, dealing with customers, running ads, etc.

You will learn all these things in social media marketing and you can earn by providing all these services
There are many big companies and businesses that do not manage their own pages but hire social media marketers on a monthly basis and give them a good salary.

Another benefit of this skill is that you create your own page, hunt for a good product, order stock from a wholesaler, and run an ad to sell it.Β And generate your own profit, this is called e-commerce. Remember in starting you have to order minimum stock and sell it.

A few things are essential for e-commerce:

1. Facebook page:

Start with your Facebook page, then create an account on OLX, put your product on Facebook Marketplace, then move to Drawer and Shopify.

2. Must have an easy money account or bank account to receive payment from customers.

3. COD account. Cash on delivery account

Open a COD account with the best shipping company according to your city, the shipping charges will be reduced and your parcel will be delivered cash on delivery.

4. The most important thing in e-commerce is the product

The more good and quality the product is, the more orders will be received. Let me tell you a few things that will be beneficial if you keep them in mind.

The product should be in demand/problem-solving/not easily available/product weight should be less than 1000 grams and size should be small (shipping charges will be less)/no medicine + cream etc. ) / Not made of glass so that there is no fear of breakage in shipping / A product that will last all year and not only for one season / Not a product that has too many colors and designs (because that way you have a will require big investment) / try to have kitchen gadgets they sell more.

If you can’t order your stock, that’s okay. You can start your business without investment, go to the nearest wholesaler, pick the product, market it and take orders, ship the items, and keep your profit.

Now you need these things to start working:

1. Social Media Marketing Skills

2. Facebook Page

3. COD Account

4. Product

If you get at least two daily orders from 8 am to 12 pm with continuous effort then keep 400 profit from one order after deducting shipping charges then it becomes 24000 per month.

Not necessarily only two orders but eight to ten orders in a day and you can generate good monthly income. Learn with hard work and dedication, inshallah earning is sure.

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