How to Secure Facebook Account

Social media is used by everyone these days. Our social media accounts are also very important to us. Some people also use them for business and making their security effective is very important.
There are some basic things to keep in mind. By keeping these things in mind, the common user can save the account to a great extent.

How to Secure Facebook Account

How to Secure Facebook Account

Choosing an email and password is very important.

The first thing that should be taken care of is that the email you are using to create Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, etc. do not make the email public and keep it secure.

Set the Facebook settings so that no one can see this email. Keep the email password difficult.
Facebook and email password should be different from each other. Use a different password on each social network app. Often half of the password characters are changed and used elsewhere. If you must have a similar password, keep it at least four characters apart. Ideally, the full password should be different.

Turn ON two-factor authentication in Facebook settings. It is better that the email with which you are registering Facebook is configured on your phone. This will ensure that whenever there is an attempt to sign in to your account, you will receive a notification on your phone. Turn on two-factor authentication for password reset and turn on both text and email for notifications.

Keep your Facebook privacy settings so that your email address is visible only to you and no one else.
Your user ID is very important and the process of securing a Facebook account starts from here. The process of password cracking or hacking also starts from here.
When you sign up in an app and the app gives you the option to sign up with Facebook or sign up with a Google account, there may be an option to sign up with an email account. Create a dummy email address for such occasions and sign up with it. Do not use your primary Facebook or Google account there.
When you sign up with a Facebook or Google account, the site takes an authentication token.
Facebook’s security is not as enhanced as Microsoft’s security. A different password is generated for such a sign-up at Microsoft.

If you are using Facebook from a mobile phone, then you must have seen that sometimes a link is given in the post and when you click on it, you get a message that you want to open the link from Facebook or from Google Chrome. Most people open the link from Google Chrome. This link takes you to a sign-in page and you sign in by entering your email and password here. After signing in you can see the desired post.

Now the hackers create a link that leads to their page and steals the sign-in information.
From a security point of view, only open trusted links. Do not sign in in the browser. Open the link within the Facebook app itself.

It is safe to open the link from Facebook itself. There are many vulnerabilities within the browser that hackers exploit for their own purposes. When we install an app, it takes some permission from us.
Now here comes the twist in the story.

Sometimes we also give access to our text messages to third-party apps. Always keep access to text messages closed. Either revoke permission from apps you’ve allowed to listen to calls and read texts, or delete them from your phone.

Hackers read text messages from your phone with the help of this application. When a verification code is sent to your phone, the code is read with the help of this app. Accounts are hacked in this way.
Only install trusted apps. Don’t install every third-party app.

Hacking uses social engineering. In this, the hacker tries to give you a link to a fake account so that you can install the app he has mentioned. Obviously, we do not give such a chance to a complete stranger. Often this is done by being active on your social media account and raising awareness through comments.

Many websites like Fiverr have link account options i.e. you can connect your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account –

Before connecting an account to any site, check how reliable the site is – It’s best not to connect your Facebook account with any other site or app – if there is a benefit to connecting then fine, otherwise it’s better to avoid it –

Facebook or Twitter does not have app password generation like Google or Microsoft – In-app password generation, the master password remains the same and the generated password is valid for a limited period and expires. Goes – During this limited period you link the platform and it is no longer associated with the master account –

Freelancing platforms graphic design software, apps, etc encourage you to connect your Facebook account – some marketers also encourage you to share their links – nothing in the world is free and to do so You run the risk of compromising your Facebook account by –
Some people install free VPNs on mobile phones which are not reliable – it gives you free IP of other countries and your email.

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