The list of software for iPhone is voluminous that it becomes difficult to select which one to try out. Whether you’ve been using an iPhone for a long or are a newbie, discovering the best apps to unleash the full potential of your iOS device is much tasking.

With an array of selections from different categories coupled with ads that pop up when using the search engines, it’s even more challenging to determine the best apps to choose.


Ever since iPhone became not only a device for calls but as well as other operations, it is essential to use appropriate apps intended for certain purposes. Here are the 11 best apps carefully picked from various classifications to fully unravel the potential of your iPhone.

  1. Mint

Are you keen to know your spending trend? Mint is open money management and financial tailing software for iPhone that helps you manage your financial transactions all in one place. The app gives you access to view your spending trends and gives insights on how to save some bucks. It is the perfect finance manager software that organizes all your finances and investments. It allows you to take control of your accounts to make financial plans and smart financial decisions.

  1. Pandora

Pandora is classical music streaming application that also functions as digital radio. The music app gives users access to recreate stations from their preferred music, singers, or categories. Pandora is the perfect choice for streaming music in your Car. With your customized music playlists, you’re sure to feel a buzzing experience everywhere on the world’s dominant song discovery app.

  1. VPN

Whether you’re traveling overseas or you just want to surf the net securely from your couch, you need a virtual private network to erase your digital footprints and keep you protected on the net. There are several VPNs online, but we have chosen the VPN service by VeePN as the best VPN for iPhone due to its exceptional features and enhanced security module. VeePN gives you a free trial upon successful registration. It has a wide server selection to select from. You can subscribe to its premium version to explore more of its tremendous offers. You can get more info here before downloading it.

  1. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is your app solution for all your mathematics problems. If you’ve been looking for answers to complex math calculations or hunting for proofs and indicators, you’ve got a sure plug. It is a great tool for getting answers to math and other science-related difficulties. In addition, this education app goes out of the way to solve complex chemistry problems within a few seconds. With its premium subscription, you even get to enjoin more great features. It is a must-have app for every student.

  1. Kindle Reader

With this e-Book reader, you can convert your iPhone into a library. Kindle reader is a perfect reading app that gives you access to thousands of e-Books to download from its wide catalogs anywhere you go. It has an offline reading mode that allows downloading e-Books and saving for offline reading later.

Whether you’re on a public transit, train, flight, or even on your living room couch, you now have more options to explore your favorite books.

  1. Spark

Spark is a good alternative email application for your iOS device. It is a mail app that gives you top-notch experience as an expert or group.

It gives your mails an easy, striking, and concerted look. Furthermore, it gives your mails a professional view by displaying them in categories.

  1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is an ideal app for tourists to discover pictures and charts on your purported trip. With over 400 mil reviews and ideas, you can easily locate the best offers on flight bookings and nearby cafeterias.

It makes analyses and gives the best recommendations on lodgings with price comparisons from over 250 reservation platforms globally.

Explore TripAdvisor to get the best deals for your next traveling spree, and you’ll get to save more and even enjoin a more organized trip.

  1. Wayfair

If you love to shop for household products online, then Wayfair is an app you need on your iPhone. The app has a wide selection of household products that can get you lost while trying to make a choice. One special feature of this shopping app is how it displays products with price ranges that meet your budget. Recently, the newly introduced 3D Outlook on household items gives you a clearer picture of products from your comfort zone.

  1. Headspace

If you’re looking for an app to aid your meditation exercise, headspace is an app for you. It teaches you the key procedures for meditating and mindful thinking at a free price. Its subscription-based courses have tons of meditation exercises that are sure to amaze you.

  1. Discord

The Discord application is a complete dialog app for iPhone users. It houses incredible tools you would anticipate from a chatting application, with an option to chat using voice. It also has a group function that members can join via a link. The Discord app is created with lovers of games in mind.

  1. Dark Sky

If you need an app to give you a true resident weather forecast, the Dark sky app is an app you need to have on your iPhone. It gives timely weather updates. You’ll be surprised at how it forecast the exact time it will rain and the time it will stop.

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