What is Transformation?

Some things are found when the desire for them ceases. There is a time when we cry and feel anxious and that time has passed. They say time is the greatest salve. When our wounds are healed, we smile at the healed scars.

It is believed that a woman is weak. He needs someone to cry to. After crying, smile lightly like a child.
But if that “someone” doesn’t listen to him once, doesn’t see his tears, doesn’t give him a word of comfort, then all those tears will be lost the next time.

He will get back his strength to keep himself calm. She wants to tell her every little thing to this “someone” but once he says you have free time, I have a lot of work to do. I don’t have time to listen to all this.

Now she will keep her words to herself, she will not say.

He gradually learned the art of living by keeping his words to himself. He stopped wasting other people’s time. Her wounds healed, now she laughs at the scars. He’s got his powers back.

He has come to his senses and is no longer ready to listen. Now, when someone will sit down and listen to her stories after finishing all his work, she will smile and say I am very happy. Tell me, how was your day?

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