To endure or to share

It happens many times in life that we are going through a very difficult time but we don’t let anyone know about it. It is our choice. If we want, we can get support by making someone aware of our condition. If we want, we can keep everything inside ourselves and fight our battle alone.

To endure or to share

Whatever way we deal with problems, what do we learn from it? What changes in our personality after facing every difficulty? What are our feelings in both cases?

If life puts you in a similar situation again, how would you handle it? The same as it was before or will you find a solution to this problem in a new way? If the way to deal with the difficulty will be different this time, why?

What would you suggest to your best friend or someone close to you to keep their problems to themselves, deal with them on their own or get help from a trusted person to share their confusions with? That they should solve it together.

Sometimes you even feel sad that others don’t know that you are in trouble. How will others know you need help if you don’t ask for help and keep pretending to be perfectly fine? Everyone is going through some kind of difficulty, everyone is fighting their own battle, then it is not enough for everyone to know the need of others until the other takes it into confidence.

How many times has it happened that you were able to understand someone’s problem? Did he reach out for help without asking for it? Dealing with adversity makes us stronger. Those whose lives are very easy do not achieve any startling success.

Vines can thrive under a shade tree, but not a dense canopy. Sometimes what we need is a struggle. Living without obstacles and without difficulties makes us ineffective. We are not as strong as we could be. Consider every challenge in life as an opportunity. Don’t leave any reason for regret that if I had acted with a little courage, I would have been in a better place in my life today.

Would you prefer to stay in your comfort zone? Or do you need someone to push you out of your comfort zone? Or do you want to step outside your comfort zone by taking a voluntary stroll on your own?
If you didn’t think before, think now.

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