If you want to be immortal, be useful

If you want to be immortal, be useful

The purpose of living is not to earn money. The purpose of living is to realize your potential. Animals do not have any education yet they manage their own food and drink. They continue to fight for survival even in unfavorable weather.

Then man, who is Ashraf al-Makhluqat, must know why he was sent to this planet. Every person’s fingerprint is different from each other, so his talent is also unique. Sunrise every day. And the sky at sunrise. But seeing different colors is an indication that our day should not be the same.

How many people have come and gone in the world till date. We still know the names and works of some of them. What did he do so that his name is safe even after his term has passed? Mind you, it wasn’t the people who were very rich, it was the people who benefited others from themselves.

Nature is telling us with its signals that the tree does not eat its own fruit, the rain waters the earth,
The sun heats the earth. The moon shines with the light of the sun.

What are these signs saying?

If you want to be immortal, be useful. Use the ability that nature has given for the good of others.
Yes, in history we also know some names that are a source of example, so there are only two ways to leave the name. Which path should you take? It’s your choice

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