How to automate e-commerce business?

How to automate e-commerce business? There are many different ways to automate any business. As some businesses can be automated with the help of softwares, some with the help of employees, and there are some businesses that can be automated only with the help of partners.

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By the way, most of the world’s business is automated with the help of employees, but our small business man often has a problem in doing this, and among the difficulties encountered in this, the “trust factor” is the top. factor) is We cannot trust anyone and there are very genuine reasons for that too.

Either we have already been cheated by someone we know or we have heard so many stories around that we don’t want to trust a stranger or an acquaintance or the third reason is that we think that If all the work is taught to the employee, he will run away and start his work.

Automate e-commerce Business

Whatever the reason, you’re going to need people to automate, and that requires someone you trust. What I would do if I were you or what I think you should do:

1. Teach a student or employee all the work first, and trust them to grow with you because everyone wants to move forward. With excuses, if you think that you don’t teach him the whole job so that he doesn’t run away, and always keep him under you, then you don’t deserve to be worked with, and your punishment is that you Always work like workers.

2. When the job is mastered, teach him the rest of the necessary skills, such as communication, time management, employee management, and create work habits similar to yours.

3. After learning the work and all other necessary skills, then offer him a partnership. This offer might go something like this. A fixed commission such as ten, twenty or thirty percent of a basic salary + profit.
With this, he will remain an employee, become a partner and always try to grow this business, because if he does this business, his earnings will also increase and he will not even think of leaving you. . But if you are greedy and think only about yourself, then this method will not work at all.

4. In your place, your taught student will take care of all the work and you will continue to be the Guru along with him. The remaining time can be invested in another business and set up another business, or create more than one branch of the same.

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