Some Important Terms of Digital Marketing

Find out Some Important Terms of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing


Search engine optimization.
The content of websites is optimized. Keywords are used which are usually searched by people.SEO brings organic traffic to websites, and reach is increased. It is very important. And it is very expensive because SEO is the backbone of any business.


Search engine marketing.
It is a type of online advertising in which businesses pay to have their ads displayed on various search engines. Thus, their ads and their products are exposed to people. It expands.

Some Important Terms of Digital Marketing


Pay Per Click

This is an advertising which paid ads are run..and when any user clicks on the ad..the advertiser has to pay..this is also a great marketing tool. short time. It is possible to reach a larger audience by getting clicks on your product/website.

Social Media Marketing:

Advertising your product, and your business through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is called social media marketing. It is a strong and important part of digital marketing. It makes online business complete. happens.

Contact Marketing:

To me. Good content plays the role of kingmaker. Content has power. Best in content marketing, the audience is attracted by great content. Content can be written content, or video It can be in the form of videos and also in the form of images. But nowadays the most demanding form of content is video content. Especially in the case of short videos, you can fully engage the audience with you.

Influencer Marketing:

In this type of marketing, products or services are promoted through influencers on social media. Influencers are people who have a large fan following. People listen to them, believe them, and trust them. ..So whenever they give a recommendation, the audience definitely buys that product or service. Influencers also earn millions through it..That’s why I say focus on personal branding first.

Email Marketing:

Advertisements are delivered to relevant customers through commercial emails. This is also an important niche in digital marketing. Big companies and brands earn huge profits by regularly working in this niche.

These were some of the important terms in digital marketing. Hope you guys have cleared them. There are still some. They will be in the next post, God willing.

A digital marketer strives to master all of them. The best way is to learn them one by one and move forward. Start with the easy ones and then move on to the harder ones. Learning will be good

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