Pinoy flies hoverboard over Subic Watch Video

Video Watch Pinoy flies hoverboard over Subic in an attempt to break the world record. A Filipino on Saturday flew over Subic in Zambales on a hoverboard trying to break the current world record.

Pinoy flies hoverboard over Subic

Pinoy flies hoverboard over Subic

Kyxz Mendiola, a flying robot vehicle developer, and expert hip-jump artist fled made hoverboard over the SBMA Freeport Zone for 2.89 kilometers at a stature of 30 feet, longer than the current record of 2.2 kilometers, as indicated by a report by Raffy Tima on 24 Oras Weekend on Saturday.

The hoverboard, done by Star 8 Green Technology Corporation, ran on the battery. The absolute flight time was seven minutes and 22 seconds.

“Sa flight information namin, we really got 2.89, goodness, kilometers. So more than what we were anticipating. Our objective was just 2.5 kilometers,” Mendiola said.

He added that they will present the accomplishment to Guinness World Records.

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