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How do I get Krowd Darden Login? As a Darden Restaurant employee, you can access various work-related resources online, in a convenient way. This means, for example, you can access your Darden Paystubs, benefits information, work schedule, direct deposit details … and more online.

There is a portal – commonly referred to as the Darden Crowd Portal – where you, as a Darden Restaurant employee, can access all of those resources in one place, and in a convenient way. Many of these are work-related resources, previously accessed through the dish Darden My Dish ‘portal. So they are now available through the Darden Krowd portal.

You may find that whenever you want to use such resources, you will not have to visit (or call) the Darden HR offices. Conversely, thanks to the Darden Krowd portal, you can access resources at your convenience: anytime, and from almost anywhere.

How to access the Darden Krowd Portal

The address / URL of the website that takes you to the Darden Krowd portal is So all you have to do is launch your browser application (for example, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Opera), and then enter that address ( into the address bar of the browser.

The browser should then load the Darden Krowd portal. Once you arrive at the portal, you will realize that you have to log in before proceeding – that is, before you are actually able to access personal resources on the portal.

How to log into the Krowd Darden

To log into the Darden Krowd portal, you simply need to enter the username, alongside the password — and then click on the ‘Login’ button.

5 key things you can do at the Darden Krowd Portal

Having logged into the Darden Krowd portal, you can proceed to (among other things):

  1. Check your Darden paystubs
  2. Check/update your Darden direct deposit details
  3. Check your Darden work schedule
  4. Check your Darden benefits information
  5. Update your Darden benefits information (if need be)

How to access specific resources on the Darden Krowd Portal

The moment you log into the Darden Krowd portal, you will see that there are links you can click on, specific resources you need. These links (both stand-alone links and which are part of the menu) are largely self-explanatory.

For example, the links you can click to access payment-related information are: Including your payment and direct deposit information. There are other links you can click on to access information related to your work schedule, and yet you can access information related to your employee benefits by clicking on other links.


How I Download Krowd Darden App?

Download KrowD for Android

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