Is your thinking powerful?

There is a close connection between our thinking and our feelings. If we understand this mental power, it will make many things easier.

Is your thinking powerful?

Is your thinking powerful

Every moment something is going on in our mind. We are constantly thinking just as we are constantly breathing or our heart is beating. We do not realize that we are breathing or blinking. When we walk fast or do any strenuous work, our breath becomes puffy, then we realize that we are breathing.

Thinking is like that. Because we are always thinking, we forget that we are thinking. Now this thought itself creates unhappiness, anger, mental stress, and inner distraction in our life. Only thought creates feeling.

Can you be angry without having angry thoughts?
Can you feel stress without having stressful thoughts?
Can you be sad because of sad memories?
You can’t do that. It is impossible.

Before you feel any sensation, you think about what it is that creates the sensation. Unhappiness does not arise automatically. First, you have negative feelings about your life and then you are unhappy. Without thinking you cannot be unhappy, sad, or stressed. If you want to overcome negative emotions, you can do it with your own thoughts. Know more on, part a & b

Next time you’re not feeling well, notice your thoughts. You must be thinking negatively right now.
Remind yourself that it is your thinking that is negative, not your life. This small reassurance will be the first step towards happiness.

It will take practice but you will get to the point where you can blow away negative thoughts like you blow a fly off your food. Blow away negative thoughts with just such a hand gesture and have a good and meaningful day.

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