How to control anger?

Everyone gets angry. Roz’s anger should be released little by communicating and expressing one’s displeasure. If you don’t release your daily anger like a gas balloon, one day your anger will explode.

When anger is bubbling up inside, someday it suddenly manifests in an unexpected way. The anger accumulated over months of unwanted things is waiting for an opportunity.

How to control anger

how to control anger

We may have enough energy to drink bitterness every day, but on a day when we are not having a good day, instead of drinking a new bitterness, we spit out the bitterness, along with the old accumulated bitterness. They come out in the open.

Some things can be forgiven. No need to keep them in your mind. These things will boil out the day you are in a bad mood. Forgive them together day by day.

There are some things that you tolerate silently and the other person doesn’t even know that you don’t like them. Others do not have the ability to read our minds.

It is better to create boundaries and try to resolve the daily bitterness by talking appropriately.
Sit down and talk directly with the person with the problem. When we have a problem, we tell friends, and family members, and the real person sits unaware.

No one wants to hurt their loved ones intentionally. Proper and regular communication will save you from suddenly bursting out violently one day.

The lid is not removed from the pressure cooker at once but wait for the pressure to release. So don’t let the pressure build up so much that one day the pressure cooker suddenly explodes.

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