How to download in Kissasian 2024

Kissasian is one the oldest and most popular sites to watch and download Korean dramas for free. From Kissasian, you can watch or download Korean dramas, movies, and many Asian movies.

That’s fine because everything on the site is free and you only have to sign up, log in, and start downloading. These ads help cover the expenses it incurs while it’s online to serve you and also pay for the costs of the people running it as well.

Kissasian is the URL to download these dramas, and it’s really easy to download the ones you enjoy. However, if you’re not that technically savvy, you may find it difficult to figure things out, which is why we’ve created this simple guide, consider it a beginner’s guide to downloading from the Kissasian website.

How to download in Kissasian

It’s time to take action.

How to download in Kissasian 2021

1. You need to create an account.

It is easy to register for a free account and get access to dramas and movies. Once you click on the link above, you will find the registration link.

After that, do everything as directed and you’ll be logged in.

After you’ve logged in, you’ll see all your favorite Korean dramas.

2. Search what you’re looking for

When you find something you like, click on it to get started.

Let’s try downloading one of my all-time favorite Korean dramas, Oh Soo. The show is about a man who can perceive love, and help people connect or disconnect based on their feelings.

I’ve attached a photo of the drama pages below:

Scroll down to check out the episodes list below to choose whichever episode you want to see. I’ll start with episode one and highlight all the controls.

3. Solve the captcha

To access the content page, you must solve a special captcha challenge. This helps to keep bots away from the site; it typically looks like this:

Pick the right one and you’re nearly done.

4. click play to start watching

Follow these steps to download the episodes directly to your device so you can watch them offline and at any time.

If you don’t use a download manager there are many ways to download Korean dramas directly from Kissasian. You can just start playing the video, set it on full screen, and click on the save video as an icon in your file manager to download it directly.

Several download links can be found below the page after a number of advertisements.

Here is the resolution available for this particular series. You can click and download to mobile devices to save the images and keep them on your phone, although the best and easiest way is from the website.

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