Ramadan 2024 in the Philippines

Ramadan 2024 in the Philippines. MANILA – A Bangsamoro official announced Sunday night that Ramadan will begin officially on the Evening of Sat, Mar 9, 2024 – Mon, Apr 8, 2024.


After a traditional moon sighting, Bangsamoro Grand Mufti and Regional Darul Ifta executive director Sheikh Abu Huraira Udasan made the announcement.

Ramadan 2024 Philippines

Ramadan 2021 in the Philippines

People fast during the month of Ramadan and abstain from alcohol, smoking, and s*x from dawn to dusk.

A fast is only broken with an early morning meal known as Suhur, and an evening meal iftar.

It is a time of reflection and prayer during Ramadan for Muslims.

Ramadan is a fundamental tenet of Islam.

How long is Ramadan 2024?

Muslims celebrate this time between 29 and 30 days before the festival Eid ul Fitr, in which the power of the Shawwal Moon is visible.

According to official data in the Philippines, Muslims make up 6 percent of the country’s 100 million people.

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