Difference Between Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Difference Between Automation and Artificial Intelligence. Most people do not understand the difference between these two things. I try to explain it in simple words.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

If you have the formula and raw materials to make something, you can make it, but if you want to make it in large quantities, you have to convert the whole formula Tricare coverage into a process and make it in a factory. For example, if you have flour, eggs, butter, and sugar, you can make biscuits by taking a quantity of these things under a formula, but if you are told to make 1000 or 100,000 biscuits, now it’s out of your control.

What comes into play here is automation, meaning you’ll set up a factory that can produce thousands and millions of biscuits per day based on your formula as long as the raw materials are supplied. So that’s automation.

But if you don’t have a formula, the only problem is to eat something sweet. And if a robot, for example, an Android assistant, after hearing this problem from you, can itself look at the Internet and data, your health history, order sweets from a nearby restaurant, or start telling you the available dessert options, this is artificial. There is intelligence.

Both are very useful for you in blogging and online earning. Examples of automation are mass publishing sites where millions of content are published daily such as listing sites, price comparisons, recipes, lyrics, subtitles, jobs, place reviews, APKs, etc.

The best examples of artificial intelligence are SaaS platforms like Jasper, writers, etc.

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