How to Watch Stremio Movies on Xbox One

Are you lost amidst hours and hours of video content having a tough time choosing what to watch? Find out How to Watch Stremio Movies on Xbox One? Also, watch Project Free TV Alternatives 2020.

What is Stremio?

It’s time to get Stremio the only video streaming hub you’ll ever need. Easily discover new content to watch, browse through thousands of titles, and watch trailers.

Get recommendations for new videos to watch, organize your favorite movies TV series web channels into your very own library. Get notified with a new episode as out and never miss a video you want to see. Stream content from many different add-ons and organize all of your subscriptions in this same neat app use it on desktop.

No matter what operating system you prefer or get it on your phone or tablet and you will always have your entire video library in the palm of your hand Stremio all you can watch.

Is Stremio Ilegal?

Stremio is completely legal to use. You can stream all the media content by using the legal add-ons.

How to Watch Stremio Movies on Xbox One?

Unfortunately, Stremio App is officially not available for Xbox One console. But you can watch Stremio Movies on Xbox One connected TV by mirroring your Android screen.

Note: Before mirroring your Stremio installed Android screen, make sure to connect both the devices with the same network.

1)  Download the Xbox app from the Google Play store.

2) After launching, enter your login detail


3) Click the Three Dot Menu icon and tap Console

4) Click Connect to your Xbox One and select the Xbox One device that connected on the same network.

5) Now open Store on your Xbox One and download the Airserver App ( you have to pay $14.99 for this app ).

6) Launch the app and hit  “A” on your Xbox remote. A QR code will be display on the screen.

7) Now Downlaod Airsrver Connect App on your Android mobile.

8) Open the app and type the QR code icon located on the top of the screen.


9) Now scan the QR code

10) That’s it. Now open the Stremio app on your mobile & stream your favorite movies.

How to Watch Stremio Movies on Xbox One

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