Traditional Chinese Festivals

There are many festivals celebrated in China. Some of them are related to the history of China and some are celebrated religiously. Some of these festivals are accompanied by public holidays. The good thing about the Chinese is that even in this fast era, they are keeping their culture and festivals alive. In Chinese society, their traditional festivals are celebrated with great devotion. Following are the famous festivals celebrated in China.

Traditional Chinese Festivals

Traditional Chinese Festivals

Lunar New Year or Spring Festival:

The most important festival in China is the arrival of the Lunar New Year. It is called the Spring Festival. There is a week-long official holiday in China for this festival. It is the time of the year when the whole of China goes on holiday, everything closes except for a shop. Shops, malls, and entertainment venues remain open.

No matter where the Chinese people live, before the Spring Festival they begin to return to their ancestral homes to usher in the New Year with their loved ones. Think for a moment about what would happen if the world’s largest population started moving at the same time. It could be called the world’s largest annual migration.

That is, if the Chinese travel, they make a world record. This process of Chinese returning home is called Chen Yin. The way in which the Chinese government handles these transportation systems is an example. In China, red color is considered to be a symbol of good luck and during the Spring Festival, the red color is seen everywhere.

Red clothes, red decorations, and even the envelopes in which children are given money are also red. At the beginning of the New Year, an entertainment program is broadcast on Chinese TV called Spring Gala in English and in Chinese. Chin Wan says. It is the most-watched entertainment program in Dina. Chinese families make dumplings while watching Chen Wan and then steam them and eat them.

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