The universe tells us that benefits are for all

The universe tells us that benefits are for all. Basic things that are necessary for human life are free. Oxygen, land that feeds, crops, and fish in the oceans are free to provide food, sunlight is free, rain is for everyone, and wildlife is for everyone.

So nature had provided us with all the arrangements to sustain life. There is also a principle that the chain of good and useful flourishes. Nature wants everyone to win and everyone gets equal opportunities.

The universe tells us that benefits are for all

The universe tells us that benefits are for all

If we align our thinking with nature, we also become useful. We may benefit from whatever we are doing, but keep the intention that others should benefit from our actions, then the powers of nature with our intention. It starts working on a frequency.

Consider whatever you are doing, if you are the only one winning, this streak won’t last long. If you are making the way of others easy, you will have such means with the mercy of Allah that are beyond your imagination.

Developed countries have understood this angle. Opportunities are there for all in these countries. Parks are for everyone. Roads are for everyone. In the name of eco-friendliness, everyone is happy to use properly used items at cheap prices without hurting self-esteem.

Therefore, Emirate poverty cannot be estimated on the basis of minimum clothing, shoes, home furniture, and consumer goods. Make yourself useful, and let go of selfishness, when you do good to others, the master of the universe will help you because you are using your energy to make life easier for his servants. Understand this key and see how life changes.

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