Tasting a new flavor is not for everyone

A well-known botanist discovered a new type of fruit by cross-breeding different types of plants after day and night experiments. Now he offered that fruit to his three neighbors to taste.

The first neighbor said it didn’t look like an apple at all. Another neighbor said he liked the canoe.
The third neighbor said this fruit was not like a pear.

Tasting a new flavor is not for everyone

Tasting a new flavor is not for everyone

From then on, botanists began to offer fruits for tasting only to those who were capable of tasting something new beyond the flavors they had tasted in the past.

The botanist believed that in order to taste a completely different life, one has to detach oneself from the things that one is familiar with and that are included in one’s daily habits. Only then one can enjoy new experiences in life.

To get something new, you have to do something new. If we repeat the same mistake a hundred times, it will not be called experience. If we try to do something a hundred times in a hundred different ways, then it will be experienced and even if the work does not go well, at least we will know a hundred different ways that we do not do now. Now, something new has to be done.

The crusher bull continues to rotate in its circle. He walks all day but his journey is not linear so he ends up in the evening where he starts.

His owner benefited from his walking, but he remained there. Sometimes we are busy working but someone else is taking advantage of our products and not our own work.

Unlock yourself, break away from your comfort zone, break your invisible chains and do something new, then you will be able to taste something new. One day or day one, The decision is yours.

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