7 Best Rabbit Alternatives to Use in 2024

7 Best Rabbit Alternatives to Use in 2024 or sites like rabbit.  Rabbit was one of the web-based applications that allowed friends and family to watch movies, interact, and stream videos. The platform was popular among viewers who enjoy watching movies with their family and friends.

As a result of a lack of funding, Rabbit is no longer operational, and Kast has now acquired all its assets.

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Best Rabbit Alternatives to Use in 2024

Kast promised to restore all of Rabbit’s features, but the users are still waiting. Therefore, until Kast fulfills its promise, here are some Rabbit alternatives for watching videos and movies in the group (with family and friends).

Rabbit Alternatives

Rabbit Alternatives

1. Twoseven:

You can live-stream videos on Twoseven. Using the real-time messaging feature, you can interact with your family and friends while watching the video.

Twoseven, too, does not support live audio commentary, instead of focusing on Webcam live reaction, maximum video streaming support, and real-time capabilities. With Twoseven, you can watch Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more through a Chrome extension.

  • Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu are supported.
  • Capabilities for chatting.
  • Live reaction via webcam.
  • Performance is excellent with no latency delay.
  • The system does not support audio messages.

2. Explorii App:

Explorii App is a social networking mobile app with chatting capabilities, group video calling/audio calling over the internet, and a platform to watch videos and movies in a group. The app is only available on iOS and Android devices.

3. Netflix Party:

Rabbit and Netflix Party have many of the same features. Consequently, Rabbit users find it to be popular.

Through Netflix’s party, users can watch synchronized Netflix content together and interact with the group using group chat. Emoticons, GIFs, and typing indicators are all supported in the chat feature. There is no need to install Netflix party, as it runs on the user’s web browser.

  • Provides the functionality of interactive group chats.
  • It features Perfect Synchronized playback
  • You can only play Netflix content; YouTube and others are not supported.
  • Audio and Webcam are not supported.

4. Watch2gether:

Another option is Watch2gether, which lets users watch videos, listen to audio, and shop on Amazon. I personally love it.

Watch2gether has the advantage of live synchronization while streaming.

  • YouTube, Amazon, and SoundCloud are supported.
  • GIFs are supported in chat.
  • Webcam and audio messages are not supported
  • There is no Netflix support.
  • The free version contains advertisements.
  • Due to the lack of an online virtual machine available in Rabbit, this requires a high upload speed.

5. Rave:

Another alternative to Rabbit is Rave, which can also be considered a reliable mobile application. In addition to Google Drive, Vimeo, Netflix, and Dailymotion, users can also interact with the content.

In sync playback, there is no issue. Additionally, users can use the voice chat feature, play music, and sync their phones with other smartphones.

  • You can watch content from Netflix, YouTube, Google Drive, and more together.
  • Music can be played together and synced to other devices.
  • To interact with the group, the user can send voice notes.
  • While watching, there is no video chat support.

6. mycircle.tv:

Another good alternative for Rabbit users is myCircle.tv. Users can watch videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

You can create a room in your office and show the film to other office members.

  • Support via chat.
  • It supports YouTube, Video, and Dailymotion.
  • There is no audio or webcam support.

7. ShareTube:

ShareTube is a straightforward service that lets users watch YouTube videos with their friends and family.

Creating a room and sharing a YouTube URL to play the content synchronized is all you need to do to start the co-watch.

  • YouTube videos can be watched on it.
  • You can chat with it.
  • Supports only YouTube content.
  • There is no webcam or audio support.

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