Pinoy Movies Torrent

Do you want to download Pinoy movies torrent or YTS Filipino movies? Are you looking for Torrentz2 tagalog movies, Buhaypirata and Pinoy movies torrent?  Here we will introduce you to a few Pinoy movies sites that let you watch and download Pinoy movies.

 Yts Filipino Movies | Torrentz2 Tagalog Movies

Pinoy Movies Torrent

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A torrent movies site with a good reputation is hard to come by out of all the torrent sites on the internet. The majority of them are either useless or violate your privacy. It is fortunate that a small number of reputable torrent sites offer a large library, fluid navigation, and high download speeds.

Buhay Pirata Website

Buhay Pirata is a Philippine Private Torrent Tracker (Torrentz2) on which you can watch and download movies from around the world. We’ve listed the top sites below since the site is no longer active for you to watch and download your favorite movies.

Pinoy Movies Torrent

Here are 6 Pinoy torrent sites for watching and downloading Tagalog movies available on torrent sites.


YTS is the perfect solution for classic movie fans who want a dedicated client. YTS offers a library of classic and rare films with a focus on movies. With a simple search, you can find your desired titles. Users with limited bandwidth will also find YTS to be an ideal solution because it does not burden their bandwidth.


From anime fans to eBooks and music lovers, TorLock is a good choice. The user interface is intuitive and clean, and the client offers a wide selection of anime, eBooks, and music. You can also explore their top 100 content lists. Some of their torrents may be difficult to discover on their tracker, but you will easily find the most popular ones as there are over 4.8 million torrents available.

The Pirate Bay:

The world’s top movie website is The Pirate Bay. Despite its long and hard history, this popular website hacker offers millions of Pinoy movies available in different categories as well as magnet links. Even a newbie will have no problem navigating the interface. Site users can identify which users are reliable and safe by using VIP/Trusted tags.


On Filmdoo, a U.K.-based site, you can search for any movie you want. By providing your e-mail address and confirming it, you become a full member of the system. With this status, you have the option of requesting a movie from the admins! A notification will be sent to you once they have approved your request. The site adds a great many movies each day, both Filipino and other, so they have a large library already. It takes only one visit to convince you.

Fox Movies:

Streaming website Fox is one of the biggest names in the movie industry. In the Philippines, there are a few paid packages available, so make sure to select one that contains Pinoy movies if you wish to watch them. It does not matter how much the package costs because the content they provide is affordable.


In the Philippines, 123fullpinoymovie is one of the most popular streaming websites for Filipino movies. Tagalog-dubbed international movies of different genres and language choices are available to users. I believe that this is the best alternative for YTS Filipino movies.

Yts Filipino Movies

The YTS website offers the download methods of YIFY movies, TV shows, TV series magnets, in 720p, 1080p, and 3D, as well as the YIFY subtitles. No limit to downloading or browsing. You can watch and download it from this site.

YTS, or YIFY Torrents, dispenses movies in large quantities as free downloads through a boutique that uses a BitTorrent protocol. Thanks to its small file size and HD video quality, the YTS movie site attracts a lot of downloads.

Torrentz2 Tagalog Movies

People often wonder whether Torrentz2 is an independent site or a part of In reality, the site is a replacement for Torrentz assures users that it is not associated with this meta-search engine. This is a new and improved search engine that searches about 60 torrent sites. Users are provided with excellent quality search results when searching for torrents.

A user can choose a file from the search results if it has a significant number of seeds and peers to ensure fast download speeds. The site is not only among the most popular search engines but is also a torrent site. is the copycat, successor, and replacement of site.

A search engine that aggregates and searches other search engines. Additionally, it can be used to find locations on the Internet. Since it is neither a torrent cache, tracker, nor directory, users cannot upload anything on Torrentz Tagalog movies.

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