Who is Mai Jindo?

Mai Jindo passed away. Who Was Mai Jindo? Mai Jindo cried for the victims only after hanging the killer on the gallows. When the board was pulled, it started swinging on a body which, seeing it, a tear came out of the eye of the old woman standing in front and dissolved in the wrinkles of her face.

It was June 5, 1992. In the village of Tando Bahawal, Sindh, a present service major, Arshad Jamil, along with a contingent of Pak Army, raided and put nine farmers in vehicles, took them to the banks of the Indus near Jamshoro, and shot them dead. Gave The army officers alleged that the men were terrorists and belonged to the Research and Analysis Wing of the Indian Institute.
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Mai Jindo

When the corpses came to the village, not only the village but the whole area was devastated. Every mother was mourning over her son’s corpse. Their hearts were pounding. Among them was a 72-year-old woman named Mai Jindo.

In front of her two sons, Bahadur and Manthar besides her son-in-law, Haji Akram’s body was lying but she was silent, women were urging her to ban it ۔

Everyone was saying that the corpses should be buried in silence. The killers were very powerful. Enough! Mai Jindo will cry only once when she sees her son’s killer hanging in the gallows.

Everyone knew that this was not possible but at last the people became silent. When the funeral took place, Mai Jindo tied her head covering around her waist and stood up straight and bade farewell to her sons with her bleeding liver.

The problem was that Tando Bahawal was a remote village in the interior of Sindh and then there was no mobile camera to capture the video of those killed on this bank of the river Indus real cash online casino. The country was saved from great loss. He who reads and listens is grateful.

While the whole country was giving thanks, Mai Jindo shouted in protest. The screams ripped through print media hearings. Mai Jindo was physically weak, but she was the mother of three victims. done.
In the absence of social media, the battle was not easy but the bells were ringing, boats were burnt and return was impossible.

The first skirmish ended and it was found out that it was not the terrorists who were killed but Major Arshad Jamil who had a quarrel with them over agricultural land, for which he had to be killed.
On July 24, 1992, General Asif Nawaz and Nawaz Sharif met and General Asif Nawaz ordered the court-martial of Major Arshad Jamil. On October 29, the Field General Court Martial sentenced Major Arshad Jamil to death and 13 military personnel were Sentenced to imprisonment.

The Major appealed to the Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army for mercy, which was rejected on September 14, 1993, followed by an appeal for mercy from President Farooq Leghari, which was rejected on July 31, 1995, but the execution was stopped. Following this, on the appeal of Major Arshad Jameel’s brother, the Supreme Court Judge Saeed-uz-Zaman Siddiqui issued a restraining order and stayed the sentence.

On September 11, 1996, Mai Jindophar took to the field again after the death penalty was not carried out. Her two daughters set themselves on fire by spraying oil on their bodies in front of the Hyderabad Press Club. They were rushed to the hospital in critical condition but could not escape.

The whole country was in turmoil once again. Finally, on October 28, 1996, the walls of power collapsed in the face of the constant push of Mai Jindo. It was Hyderabad Central Jail when Mai Jindo was brought to the gallows.

When the gallows were pulled, the body of the killer Major Arshad Jameel was swayed on the gallows.
Mai Jindo, all the weak and oppressed people of the world greet you.

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