What is communication?

What is communication? By establishing an atmosphere of mutual trust with your words, win such hearts that you only get to hear yes. If you have the ability to annoy even strangers you have never met, then you need to improve your communication skills.

What is communication?

What is communication

Speak in such a way that the heart of the other person will be happy, the mood will be good, they will feel calm and not start questioning your mental health. Do not tell others what you do not like to hear about yourself. It’s very simple.

If you speak bitterly, wise people will not consider you worthy of reply. Silence is the answer. If your words are not answered, consider your behavior and you will get the answer yourself.

Your self-image and health are damaged by talking and thinking dirty words. Facilitate others, forgive their most harsh words, forgive them. Forgive me by thinking that Allah Ta’ala does not catch many of our mistakes throughout the day, then why do we sit holding the things of Allah Ta’ala’s creation, keep thinking about them, and keep thinking about them?

We are human beings, we are the best creation, and our responsibility is also great. Be more forgiving and thankful. The principle of the universe is that what you give, you get back in abundance, not necessarily from where you gave, but from where you can’t even imagine, and much more.
Be happy, be happy.

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