Lady Doctor Naheed (Gynaecologist) Shot fired with 3 of her children

Lady Doctor Naheed (Gynaecologist) Shot fired. Female doctor killed in Lahore One of the victim’s sons escaped being in another room. Dr. Naheed (Gynaecologist) shot fired with 3 of her children. Police said that the bodies of the lady doctor named Dr. Naheed and her three children including two daughters and a son were found from a house in Lahore’ Gajumata area.

Lady Doctor Naheed (Gynaecologist) Shot fired

Dr Naheed was a Gynaecologist and was running a private clinic near her house, the police said. After the initial investigation, the police said the lady doctor and her children were shot down in a gun attack.

The Lahore police said another son of Dr Naheed survived the murder as he was in another room.

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