Only Fully Vaxxed Pinoys allowed entry to Singapore starting March 4, 2022

Filipinos completely immunized against the Covid will be permitted section to Singapore beginning March 4, the Singaporean Ministry of Transport reported.

Fully Vaxxed Pinoys allowed entry to Singapore

This was after the city-state remembered the Philippines for its Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) program, which permits travelers to enter Singapore sans quarantine by means of assigned VTL flights.

Antibody travel pass (VTP) applications for the Philippines will open on March 1 at 10 a.m. (Singapore time).

“In late November, when Omicron was first detailed, we fixed our line measures to restrict our openness, better comprehend the new variation, and get more individuals helped.

Since we have more noteworthy assurance over the idea of Omicron and the related general wellbeing chances, we genuinely should need to continue the safe resuming of our lines to recover our situation as a worldwide business and flight center point,” Singapore Minister for Transport S Iswaran said in an articulation dated February 16.

“We will send off new VTLs to the Philippines, Israel, and Hong Kong and extend existing VTLs with Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand,” he said.

The new Singaporean approach for Filipinos comes under seven days since the Philippines returned its ways to completely inoculate unfamiliar travelers, including Singaporeans.

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