7 Best Helmet Brands in the Philippines

Today we will discuss the best & top helmet brands in the Philippines. As compared to driving a vehicle with four wheels, riding a motorcycle is more exciting and easier. You can also travel more quickly and conveniently with a motorcycle. Motorcycles require narrower road spaces thus allowing faster speeds and coping more easily with heavy traffic.

Why is a Helmet Important?

7 Best Helmet Brands in the Philippines

No matter where you ride, a motorcycle helmet could save your life. Accidents can happen at any time. Even if you drive carefully, other drivers may not, so you need to remain alert and cautious at all times.

The cost of a motorcycle helmet isn’t as expensive as the medical bills you might experience from an accident because there are numerous manufacturers to choose from. While style and design can be considered when choosing one, protection is still the most crucial consideration.

It may be difficult to choose one brand from the many available on the market. Based on user recommendations, here are some of the best helmet brands in the Philippines.

7 Best Helmet Brands in the Philippines

MT Helmets:

MT Helmets are a good choice for riders on a budget. It is DOT/ECE/SHARP certified, so even though it is less expensive than others, you need not worry about safety. The perfect fit, high quality, and superior ventilation are also things riders appreciate about MT helmets.

Caberg Helmets:

The Italian company Caberg produces highly rated racing helmets. They offer a variety of crash helmets, including full-face, flip-up, and jet helmets. This is a style of motorcycle commonly used by cafe racers, cruisers, choppers, and other vintage riders. Their flip-up helmets are elegant and sporty, but their full-face helmets have a louder design and are more sporty.

Airoh Helmets:

Riders can choose from a variety of lightweight helmets from Airoh. A wide variety of models are available, including full-face, open-face, jet, and modular styles. They have worked with many helmet brands before starting their own venture in 1997.

Nolan Helmets:

What helmet fan wouldn’t like a configurable helmet? The Nolan flip-up model includes one. As well as full-face helmets, there are off-road helmets and open-faced helmets.

One of their notable features is the pin lockshield, which allows for a better and wider view.

In addition, Nolan helmets offer reliable protection whatever the weather. Therefore, you won’t be required to change accessories at the beginning or end of the season.

The high-quality Lexan polycarbonate material used in making them makes them even more durable.

Casey Stoner and Marco Melandri have both used this Italian brand.

AGV Helmets:

Motorcycle helmets from AGV are among the most reputable in the business. Their products are high-quality and reasonably priced. Noise reduction and ventilation are excellent features of these helmets.

It is the choice of rider favorites like Valentino Rossi and Giacomo Agostini because of its long history in this type of business. AGV offers complete protection for riders regardless of whether they’re off-roading or racing. The company manufactures modular and fully-faced helmets.

Bell Helmets:

When it comes to helmet variety, Bell can meet the needs of riders of all kinds. Bell is an American manufacturer of motorcycle and bicycle helmets. Among their products are full-face, half-face, three-quarter, modular, snowmobile, adventure touring, and more.

Known for producing quality and comfortable helmets with detailed designs, the company sells products that are worn by famous racing athletes such as Josh Herrin and James Stewart.

Shark Helmets:

France-based SHARK is a leading brand of helmets that was established in 1986 by professional racers. It is able to meet the needs of a broad range of riders, not just those competing in races. Their products also come with a 5-year warranty.

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