Bad language is an elixir to get rid of one’s heart

Bad language is an elixir to get rid of one’s heart. Help someone financially, help someone, love someone. Don’t think that doing all these good things gives you a license to be abusive.

Sometimes parents abuse their children. Children remain silent in the face of literature. They don’t turn around and answer. But these heart-wrenching words are imprinted on their hearts.

Bad language is an elixir to get rid of one’s heart

How unfortunate it is that someone, despite all his sacrifices, wounds the heart of his children because of his bad language.

Husbands also often take out their frustrations at home by using bad language. They work hard all day in their jobs and reduce all the wages to zero due to their bad language.

Wives lose the heart of their husbands by being abusive. Marriages go on but love ends. Weigh first then speak. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. There is no bone in the tongue, it is soft, which means we should speak softly. If there is something hard to say, choose the words and the time that is appropriate to say it.

In close relationships, we often act carelessly because we feel that these relationships are free of structure and we can talk as we please. It is not a matter of texture but of caution. Using sarcasm, a loud voice, a wrong tone, and bad words will keep the relationship intact but love will go out of it. The choice is yours.

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