22 YouTube Channels List blocked in India Under the IT rules 2021

22 YouTube Channels are blocked in India. The government has blocked 22 youtube channels for spreading misinformation related to national security foreign relations and public order. 18 Indian youtube news channels have been blocked for the first time under the IT rules 2021. It is not listed that which 22 Youtube channels are blocked.

YouTube Channels blocked in India

YouTube Channels blocked list India

Four Pakistan-based youtube news channels have also been blocked in the latest move by the information and broadcasting ministry. The government said in a statement that multiple youtube channels were used to post fake news on various subjects such as the Indian armed forces, Jammu and Kashmir, etc.

The content ordered to be blocked also included certain anti-India content posted from multiple social media accounts operated in a coordinated manner from Pakistan.

Pakistani based YouTube Channels list:

  • Haqeeqat TV
  • Haqeeqat TV 2.0
  • Ghulam NabiMadni
  • DuniyaMeryAagy
Youtube Channels Blocked List

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