Who is using my Wi-Fi

Who is using my Wi-Fi and block them? If your wireless network is slow and you believe someone is connected to your Wi-Fi and using the internet without your knowledge. It’s always a good idea to secure your network with a strong password and regularly check who is currently connected to your Wi-Fi network.

There are a few ways to check who is connected to your Wi-Fi network, including logging into your router using the command prompt using a network scanner app, and using built-in monitoring software.

In this article, we will tell you the fastest smartest, and easiest way to check who is currently connected to your Wi-Fi network and block them from using your Wi-Fi.

Who is using my Wi-Fi

So let us start…

who steals my Wi-Fi

Firstly go to Play Store and search for who steals my Wi-Fi. Install the application with this app. You can see all the devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi network and learn how to block them.

Now open the application and give the required permissions. Tap to see who is using my Wi-Fi this will
show you all the devices currently connected to your network.

You will see the details of each device, such as name manufacturer IP and Mac address. If one of the devices connected to your network is unfamiliar or suspicious, you can block it forever. The simplest and usually most effective way to kick someone off your Wi-Fi is to change your Network’s password.

You need to log in to your router and change your Wi-Fi password and keep your network secure.

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