Why we’re excited for Alden Richards’ upcoming GMA Teleserye

Video watch The World Between Us Alden Richards’s upcoming GMA Pinoy Teleserye Replay. Alden Richards says ‘The World Between Us’ strength is one of his best Teleseryes yet. Over a year after his last Teleserye The Gift finished in February 2020, Alden Richards is set to star in the impending GMA dramatization series The World Between Us.

The World Between Us Alden Richards

The World Between Us Teleserye Alden Richards

The World Between Us denotes Alden’s second blending with Jasmine Curtis-Smith, in the wake of being combined in a one-week scene of the show compilation “I Can See You: Love on The Balcony.”

Here’s the reason we’re anticipating Alden’s most current venture:

Alden says this is his most difficult person yet

Alden will play Luisito “Louie” Asuncion in The World Between Us. Inexactly dependent on Emily Brontë’s tale Wuthering Heights, Alden says that his person will veer away from his past “great kid” parts since the story rotates around retaliation.

“Essentially, Louie is a generalization of a decent kid,” Alden disclosed to GMA News Online.

While this may sound like his past characters, Alden said he tried to give an alternate take and flavor for this new venture. “[It’s my] commitment and my assignment to separate [Louie] from the wide range of various great young men I’ve done previously,” he said.

“It’s anything but a cognizant exertion to truly foster certain distinctions with the jobs that you play.

Alden said watchers ought to expect the person bend of Louie. “In view of those battles that my person experienced inside the story, there’s a sure learning and certain bend inside my person itself,” he said during the media meeting for The World Between Us.

There will come a period in the story that I will get revenge on individuals who have treated me terribly, and that is the thing that I’m anticipating.”

Alden said he’s never depicted a person like this. When my person had that point), even more, I have such a great amount to give, I have such a long way to go from it,” he said. I need to have clean change for each phase of Louie’s person and be sensible with it.

The World Between Us cast:

  • Alden Richards as Luisito “Louie” Asuncion
  • Jasmine Curtis-Smith as Emilia “Lia” Libradilla
  • Tom Rodriguez as Brian Libradilla
Supporting cast:
  • Dina Bonnevie as Rachael Libradilla
  • Jaclyn Jose as Yachie
  • Sid Lucero
  • Kelley Day
Guest cast:
  • Glydel Mercado

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