The Bank cannot involve the Police in getting their Money Back in Pakistan

Question: I borrowed money from a bank. Unable to return now for some reason. Bank staff harasses. Making phone calls Is rude. They come home and insult in front of the locals. Make threats The situation is very tense. Sometimes it makes me want to commit suicide to avoid this daily disgrace. do what?

Bank officials have no authority to harass a customer in this way. First of all, if you have taken a loan, it is your responsibility to repay it. However, if a person is unable to repay the loan, the bank staff cannot harass him. Can’t come home and threaten.

The bank cannot involve the police in getting their money back. Even if a person has his security check with the bank, the bank cannot routinely register an FIR against that person under section 489F of the Pakistan Penal Code for bounced checks as per routine. The bank is only authorized to file a case in the Banking Court to get its money back. Where the case will proceed according to routine.

Repeatedly calling bank officials, insulting them, harassing them, threatening them at home is a crime in itself. You must return the money. But threatening in this way is totally illegal. If you come home and insult, call 15. Catch these people and make them sit down.

When the police come, hand him over. Remember there is a record of every call made on the 15. If the crime is invasive, the police are bound to take action. Intimidation is a felony. Phone threats are an offense under the Telegraph Act. Put your complaint on record. This will stop you from being harassed. The bank and staff will follow the law.

The purpose of the post is not to repay the loan taken from the bank. The goal is simply to ensure that no civilians are intimidated beyond the law. Don’t be violent. When the law gives the bank a way to repay the loan, it should be followed and not bullied.

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