Nas Daily issues statement about Whang-Od controversy

Nas Daily issues statement about Whang-Od controversy. Nas Academy asserts that its online course highlighting tattoo ace Apo Whang-Od is genuine, saying that they got an endorsement from the mambabatok and her family.

Nas Daily Whang-Od controversy

Whang-Od is known as one of the most seasoned customary tattoo craftsmen from the Butbut clan of Kalinga. Given her commitments to Filipino culture and the native act of inking, she was given the Dangal ng Haraya Award in 2018 by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

Nas Academy, driven by Arab Israeli vlogger Nas Daily (genuine name: Nuseir Yassin), experienced harsh criticism after Whang-Od’s grandniece and replacement Gracia Palicas called the online tattoo course highlighting Whang-Od a “trick.”

Palicas said that the tattoo ace was ignorant of any agreement identified with the course and her town was worried that their clan’s specialty and culture were being abused.

Nas Academy was made mindful of the said allegations and expressed that the news was “exceptionally miserable to hear,” as seen on today’s Facebook page, Aug. 5.

“[We] tested out her family making Whang-Od Academy. [She] and her family present both cherished this thought, and have worked with us to construct it, with Whang-Od showing herself,” the institute demanded while showing a video of the tattoo craftsman joining her thumbprint on an archive.

Nas Academy added that Whang-Od’s niece Estella Palangdao deciphered the substance of their contact with the craftsman before she put her thumbprint on it, meaning her “full assent” to the task.

“This is the clearest proof that it’s anything but a trick and accomplished the assent of her and her close family,” the learning stage focused.

“We moved toward Whang-Od on the grounds that very much like you, we love her. We love her practices and are propelled by her,” Nas Academy expressed.

“We needed to share her way of life for people in the future to appreciate and regard the old Kalinga custom of mambabatok.”

It added that everybody associated with the venture was made up for their time and the business identified with the studio we’re going “straightforwardly to [Whang-Od] and her family.”

Nas Academy noticed that they “briefly” brought down the page for the tattoo course as they settle the issue. It additionally guaranteed the public that it thinks often profoundly about the Philippines and regards Filipino culture.

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