Korean Star Lee Ji-eun (IU) in Singapore

pop vocalist IU is in Singapore for her Love, Poem show. The 26-year-old commenced her sellout, two-day show at the Star Theater the previous evening (Dec 6). This is the South Korean craftsman’s second show in Singapore. Pariwiki Korean Star Lee Ji-eun (IU) in Singapore.

Korean Star Lee Ji-eun (IU) in Singapore

Other than belting recognizable hits, for example, Good Day, You and I and The Night of The First Break Up during the two-hour show, the vocalist on-screen character likewise took melody demands from the crowd, including her fan club Uaena.

Korean Star Lee Ji-eun (IU) in Singapore

Towards the finish of the show, as though to guarantee fans that she has changed in accordance with the loss of dear companions Sulli and Goo Hara who ended it all in October and November individually, the Hotel Del Luna entertainer stated, “When circumstances become difficult and you need to end everything, I trust you can recollect our guarantee to meet here again one year from now.”

“You can inhale gradually and one year from now will precede you know it,” included the artist. “You need to keep this guarantee, alright? I’ll keep it as well.”

She kept, “During my past shows, despite the fact that everybody made some incredible memories, there was constantly a tinge of trouble. Today, notwithstanding, we are so upbeat and loaded up with adoration that there’s no space for any misery.”

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