10 Free KDrama Sites To Stream Korean Movies

Do you enjoy watching Korean dramas? and looking for the Korean Drama Sites. It’s true that Netflix has a great collection of Korean dramas, but to access them, you need to subscribe. There’s no need to worry if you cannot afford to pay for a subscription.

Korean dramas are extremely addictive. Once you start watching them, you can’t stop. I like them because they have great storylines, actors, romantic scenes, and soundtracks. I also like them because of their cultural difference.

You don’t have to pay Netflix to view them. Not all dramas are available on Netflix. Even with a subscription, what do you do if the drama you want to watch is not on Netflix? It’s time to go online.

KDrama Sites to Watch Series Online

The following websites allow you to watch Korean dramas whenever and wherever you want. These free drama websites & streaming services are accessible via both smartphones and laptops. You can also download some of the videos so that you can watch them later.

Free KDrama Sites


KDRAMA sites like Viki are very popular. They allow users to watch shows and movies in multiple languages. The only problem with this website is that it contains ads, which is why the user is frustrated. Other than that, everything else about it is fantastic.


One of the best. On this website, you will find all kinds of dramas and movies. From Korean to Chinese to Taiwanese to Thai dramas, you will be able to watch them all.

There are already subtitles in English for the dramas, as well as many different video quality options available for watching. You can watch on many different servers. If one server is down, you can view the other one.

KissAsian also offers some drama episodes for download. Whenever you want to watch dramas, you can access them on this website since there are so many dramas there. Thus, you won’t have to look on the web for dramas.

Furthermore, the site is mobile-friendly. Mobile phones are compatible with the site. The website contains some ads, but these don’t disturb you as much.


Similar to KissAsian, Dramacool is a video-sharing website for Korean dramas. All dramas and movies are available to watch for free on this website. They can even be downloaded after creating an account.

It also lists all dramas, which are searchable and filters by year, genre, country, and status. It is simple to locate a new drama to watch if you enjoy watching a particular genre.

It includes a drama calendar where you can see which episodes of which drama was shown on TV and watch them accordingly. KissAsian does not have this feature.

New Asian Tv:

Watch Korean dramas online for free at New Asian Tv. There are reviews from people across the world about this site, and people love it. Anyone can find Korean dramas on this website. Users can download dramas from this site as well. Another advantage of this site is the clear and intuitive user interface.

A section with recent news is also available on their website. In case you need some new drama, you can easily find it as well.


Everyone knows about Netflix nowadays. It is one of the most popular websites for watching series and movies online. It does not allow downloading.

However, the quantity of content on this website is way too large in comparison to other sites. This website is the best place to find web shows. However, it is not free. After you sign up for Netflix, you can easily find Korean dramas and movies.


You can watch and download Korean dramas on Hulu. You can watch and download these shows for free. They are of exceptional quality and audio clarity in most cases. Their website offers a huge variety of dramas with simple subtitles. Users can find content based on where they are located.


You can also watch dramas for free on KDramahood. In comparison to other websites, it has very fast loading videos and fewer ads.

The given servers usually work despite the limited selection. A good thing about watching the video is that you can download it directly.

Along with dramas, you can also watch movies. Dramahood is an excellent site to watch Korean movies. Both of the websites listed above have movie streams as well.


Those who love Korean drama should try ViewAsian. Korean drama fans also love this website a lot. You can also download their mobile application from the Google Play Store. There are hundreds of shows and dramas on their websites, so they attract millions of viewers. ViewAsian is a good Kdrama site to try.


Dramanice provides the best interface, and people fall in love right at first sight. That’s why it’s so popular among Kdrama sites. Both old and new dramas can be found on this website. You must give it a try because of its user interface, its library.

OneTouch TV:

You can easily watch your favorite dramas on this site, which looks like an app. Mobile-friendliness is what makes this website so great. You are able to easily access it from any device.

The website does not contain ads, though some advertisements are displayed before downloading an episode. This website is suitable for people who want to avoid pop-up ads.

The site also offers Korean movies. Watch free Chinese and Thai dramas on OneTouch TV. The latest dramas from China and Thailand can be seen for free.

 Websites To Watch Korean Drama

You can also check out the below list if you want to try other options, in addition to our list of the best Kdrama sites.

  1. New Asian Tv
  2. We Tv
  3. Drama Fire
  4. My Drama List
  5. Netflix
  6. Hulu
  7. ViKi
  8. Animetv
  9. Dramanice
  10. ViewAsian
  11. KissAsian
  12. Sojuoppa
  13. Gooddrama
  14. AsianCrush
  15. DramaFever
  16. Kocowa
  17. Fast Drama
  18. DramaBus
  19. Hancinema
  20. Boxasian

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