Kickass Torrents best alternative. In the internet world, many changes occur with every passing day, and lots of new and unique things are introduced to create a more accessible way of connecting. There the name which is well known to everyone is kickass torrents.

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Kickasstorrents is a famous website that provides a directory of torrents files and magnet links. These links are for the p2p file, which is shared by Bit Torrent protocols.

Millions of users are connected to this website daily. Through this website, users can quickly get content, movies, TV programs, and other media-related shows. The kickass torrents website was founded in November 2008, but the website was shut down in 2016 by the US government due to some issues. US government arrested the founder of this website.

As for the running of this website, lots of people try but find no results in their tries. In this article, we discuss kickass and its best alternatives thoroughly. So you keep reading this topic till the end.

The kickass torrents best source

Kickass torrents website because of its is super functionality got lots of popularity in just a few years of its launch. Many websites are giving quick service but are few that got famous, like the kickass torrents website. Through this website, users easily connect and download their favorite copy straightforwardly write content by utilizing the kickass torrents.

Indeed, the Kickasstorrents is the best source of downloading movies, TV shows, music, and other things quickly with a kickass torrents website. This website is banned in many countries, so those who are fans of the kickass torrents website can download their videos using its alternatives safely.

Stream Unblocked with VPN

By closing this website, its staff shut down all resources of links, but it is possible to link in with this site by using the fastest VPN.as it is illegal to use this website. But by taking some steps in concentration, you shall use this website and get rid of the fear of catching.

So by using VPN to link this website, you should remain hidden from ISP and other authorities. Through different ways, you have a threat.

So with the use of the fastest VPN, you can easily download your movies, music files, TV shows, and other content that you want to download. It is the way through which you can get your favorite programs quickly.

Kickass torrents best alternatives

As the kickass torrents website is banned in lots of countries, but no need to worry. Here in this article, we talk about the alternatives of kickass torrents to get your shows.

There are countless kickass torrents alternative websites present on the internet, through which you can easily access your content. Let us talk about some of the famous and best alternatives of a kickass torrent in an easy way.

  1. Torrent Downloads
  2. The pirate bay
  3. Iso hunt
  4. RARBG
  5. AG
  6. Zooqle

Now we explain them one by one sequentially. You should know about every complete alternative information by these. When you are torrenting, a question arises in your mind that how safe is the way of torrenting. So we tell you that torrenting is legal, but the copy-write content is not permitted. So to secure from any of caught, you should need to use the fastest VPN.

There are two benefits of using a VPN; one is that you can easily access the best alternatives, and the second is that there is no fear of catching. So by using torrents VPN, you can easily download your favorite content.

Now talk about the alternatives of kickass torrents website briefly.

1)   Torrent Downloads

It is a famous torrents website and counted in the list of best kickass alternatives. It presents many torrents and magnet link files on different genres that you can download.

If we talk about how many people use this website monthly, then the number of visitors is around 13.9 million who benefit from this website. Additional information of torrents Downloads is as that its Registrar name is; Cheap, Inc.

And it was introduced in November 2010. the torrent which is downloaded through this website is music, anime, movies, Tv shows, Applications, games, books, and others. Registration of torrents downloader is free.


  • it provides the latest data to download.
  • It presents a user-friendly interface.


  • The bad point about the tonner downloader is that it is blocked in some countries.


2)   The Pirate Bay

It is the most significant and stunning kickass alternative website, which shares many torrents and magnet links. Through this, you can connect quickly. As the pirate bay is banded several times, it protects itself from all bad conditions and grows every passing day.

It offers different genres of data to its users frequently. The data which is downloaded through the pirate bay is games, TV shows, movies, and lots of other content is included. Its monthly based visitors are about 193.2 million, and the primary users belong to the famous country the pirate bay was developed in September 2003.

The downloadable torrents are included audio, games, apps, adult content, and video, etc. the registration of this alternative website of kickass torrents is free. Still, you can get more features by registration.


  • The pirate bay has the most extensive connection area, and lots of users are linked at the exact moment.


  • It is banned in some countries.

3)   Iso Hunt

Iso Hunt is a stunning kickass alternative and offers lots of torrent files for various categories. It presents favorite content genres that you can download easily.

Iso hunt was created in September 2015, and the monthly visitors of Iso hunt are about 1.0 million. Its registrar’s name is Tonic Corporation.

And if we talk about its downloadable torrents, then these are software, TV shows, movies, books, anime, adult content, music, etc. The registration of the Iso hunt is based on downloading the iso hunt client.


  • It has many latest torrents for download, and the iso hunt is a user-friendly website.


  • for downloading the iso hunt, firstly, you should need to download the iso hunt client.

4)   RARBG alternative website

Kickass torrent’s great alternative website is RARBG. It has the most prominent directory torrenting and magnet file links. RARBG offers a wide range of genres. It is easy to find. RARBG is blocked in some countries like Saudi Arabia, the UK, Portugal, Denmark, etc. Despite its blockage, it is available by using the fastest and strong VPN.

RARBG monthly users are about 90.9 million, and the registrar of this alternative kickass torrent is TONIC CORPORATION.

RARBG downloader torrents included movies, TV shows, games, software, and almost everything you want to download. The registration of RARBG is free, but you always need to sign up.


  • The good thing about RARBG is that you can search your files easily on this website.


  • RARBG interface gives an outdated look.

5)   YTS.AG

The most super alternative of kickass torrents is the YTS.AG website. It is quickly assembled for its users. It offers lots of the latest movies contents and other features. It has an updated directory so you can easily download your torrent’s contents.

It was created in November 2017, and the registrar’s name is ABC Domain LLC.the people who are visiting this website every month is about 115.8 million. The downloadable torrents included the largest torrenting movie site. You can download all types of your favorite movies that you want.

The registration of YTS.AG signs up quickly.


  • There is a big platform for selecting all types of movies, either latest or older.


  • availability of other data is more minor.


6)   Zooqle alternative website of kickass torrents

It has a wide range of network, and offer countless verified torrents to its clients. It includes various categories like TV shows, movies, games, software, etc. Zooqle is the alternative viral website of kickass torrents, which offer tremendous genres.

When we talk about the creation of Zooqle is developed in March 2013. The registrar’s name Zooqle is; accessible DNS Technologies’ Inc. The number of users who monthly visit this site is about 14.9 million.

The downloadable torrents of Zooqle included TV shows, games, audiobooks, movies, documentaries, animes, apps, comics, etc.

This is the very fantastic website of kickass torrents and giving the latest torrents material. When we look at its registration, then we come to know that registration that for the registration, there is an option. And which no need to sign up for downloading torrents.


  • Zooqle offers all the famous and latest torrenting files for users.


  • This website is a little slow.

Final verdict

The Kickass torrents is a famous website that faces lots of issues. But in the existence of countless problems, the popularity of this website remains the same. It is the most excellent website from all points of view, but it becomes difficult for the users to reach its benefits because of its bandage. So keeping all these things, another way is chosen as an alternative website system, through this users can easily access directory torrents and magnet links.

In this article, we discuss kickass torrents and their best alternatives. We hope you like this article.

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