Julia Montes better actress than niece Julia Barretto

Watch Julia Montes 24/7 Teleserye. The fight among the Barrettos presently can’t seem to blow over, with Claudine Barretto making known her opinions toward Julia, the little girl of her sister Marjorie.

When Instagram client @ka.ren9381 asked yesterday, March 3, who was a superior entertainer between Julia Montes and her niece, Claudine didn’t stop for a second to state, “JULIA MONTES OFCOURSE (sic).”

One @megaai360 pondered, “Is that a legitimate answer or in light of the fact that you [are] still distraught [at] your own niece?”

Claudine basically answered, “darling BOTH.”

The remarks were made on Claudine’s Instagram post yesterday, March 3, where she shared that she went out on the town with her mother Inday.

Julia Montes better actress than niece Julia Barretto
Julia Montes better actress than niece Julia Barretto

Julia Montes better actress than niece Julia Barretto

While she has been holding with a portion of her relatives, she still can’t seem to accommodate her more seasoned sister Marjorie. She shared pictures around the same time as her investing energy with sibling JJ.

The kin’s fight arrived at its top after the demise of their dad, Miguel, in October. At the point when President Duterte visited the wake, he asked that Gretchen and Marjorie accommodate, however the last can’t.

Marjorie said she was aggravated to some degree on account of agent Atong Ang’s quality; she asserted he had been impractically associated with both her niece Nicole and Gretchen. She said Claudine lashed out at her while Gretchen and Nicole battled.

During Claudine and Marjorie’s supposed physical fight, Julia purportedly got included. The quarrel has since overflowed into online life, with Julia going to bat for her mother and Gretchen assaulting her own niece last Oct. 18.

The quarrel among the three sisters has been continuing for a considerable length of time, with sides changing once in a while. It was in mid-2019 that Gretchen and Claudine accommodated.

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