Filipino actress Isa Calzado to play Darna in upcoming ABS-CBN series

Filipino actress Isa Calzado to play Darna in the upcoming ABS-CBN series. Iza Calzado will play the first Darna – Narda’s mother – in the series. The upcoming TV show starring Jane de Leon will have Iza Calzado playing Darna.

Isa Calzado Darna ABS-CBN

Isa Calzado Darna ABS-CBN

Darna in the series is the mother of the titular heroine, and the actress will be playing the first Darna in the series.

It is Sheza who will pass on the magical stone to her daughter Narda (Jane de Leon), which transforms her into the superhero Darna. As reported by ABS-CBN ask casino, Iza had waited long to be a superhero.

Cast and characters

  • Jane De Leon as Darna / Narda
  • Iza Calzado as Narda’s mother

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