Guidance on content writing

Looking for Guidance on content writing? Readers, nowadays, in all the messages sent by friends who want guidance regarding content writing in these books, the top questions are about the writing tools powered by artificial intelligence.

Obviously, I cannot answer everyone individually, so with the help of this post, I am going to give all the brothers and sisters the answers to their questions with as much guidance as possible on my own, I hope this post will help many friends. It will be useful for.

Guidance on content writing

Guidance on content writing

The first thing is that Nachiz spent 10 years in Urdu and English journalism, when there was a call for jobs in that field, he took SEO training from a local college in Lahore, and then after the encouragement of his trainer, he switched to English eight years ago. Entered the field of content writing.

When we were writing, there was no name or sign of artificial tools. I had to research and write on my own because I had experience in editing and text sorting due to working in magazines, so soon with the special mercy of Allah and the prayers of my parents, I made a small position in this field as well. Just took it.

Just understand that now at least you don’t have to stumble for a job, you get enough work even sitting at home so that a person can live comfortably. Otherwise, when he was in the field of Urdu, after leaving a job, he sometimes had to eat bread from the pickle of unemployment for three months.

The point of telling all this is how much we used to do it all back then, but now the new tools have made it all much easier, but that does not mean that you should blindly rely on these tools. Start trusting. Writing for SEO is not child’s play. In fact, you are writing for Google.

Not only that, the people you work for are your clients, they have invested millions of rupees on their websites, then if they are business sites then consider them as their online shops and stores. are Your slightly bland content or content that doesn’t conform to the prevailing standards can take their website far down or back in Google, so it’s important to know where artificial intelligence-powered writing tools are. To use and where it will be appropriate to write by yourself, moreover, who will use these tools will be more beneficial.

Here this post will also be useful for those who work with freelancers. It will help them understand who is writing the content when and where with the help of artificial intelligence-powered writing tools.
There are numerous tools in the market at present, among which the following tools are more popular:

Chat GPT
Any word
Copy AI

In the above list, the tool called Jasper is the most valuable and effective, but it is not so easy to use, so it is used only by professionals.

ChatGiPT is a free and open-source tool in which you can openly generate any content or any programming data. Its use has been popular since November last year and soon it became the most used tool due to its free availability. However, it is also a fact that the amount of non-standard content spread due to this is unprecedented.

Its biggest drawback is that the content it will create for you, after a certain time or cycle, will create similar content for someone else in another mode. A large number of similar phrases and words is also a major flaw.

All other tools are pads. Word Tune rotates or transforms your written content. Other tools allow you to create blogs or other content exactly as if they were written by a human. But to use them, one should be intelligent, secondly, he should be proficient in English editing.

If you don’t have these features, you can simply create sentences with these tools and turn them into articles, but any expert reading them will know that you didn’t write them all yourself. The second important thing is that Google will also know at some stage what you are doing.

Some people believe that Google can’t catch all of this, arguing that if a piece of content has been passed by Copyscape or other software, then it will fall into the category of unique and thus not appear on Google. Risk can be uploaded.

Here you forget one thing, Google is the father of all, and these artificial intelligence-powered writing tools and other sub-platforms still need Google for their existence. And Google is monitoring your every action. It also knows whether whatever you are writing is written by yourself or generated by a software e-machine.

Take for example when you type something too fast, even if it is in the Google search bar. Google’s algorithm immediately grabs you and puts you to the test by displaying a valid captcha on the screen to see if Google is being used by a human or a machine sitting on top of it giving quick commands.
Similarly, when you use any artificial intelligence-powered writing tools, it is obviously used online.
You’re on Google’s radar right now.

come ……… Google never wants artificial intelligence-powered writing tools to take over human labor. Therefore, it is strongly hoped that Google’s next updates will be in this regard and this is bad news for all those friends who are uploading mods with the help of these tools.

(Readers, this is such a broad topic that it cannot be discussed in detail in a single post. So, in Sha Allah, I will try to convey it to you in a serial form, next.

In this article, I will highlight the proper use of these tools and where to use them and where not to use them, as well as where to get paid tools at cheap prices and how to get them. 5 to 10 thousand rupees can be earned in a day by generating high-quality content.

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