Dirty Linen Cast ABS CBN 2023

Watch Pinoyflix Dirty Linen Cast Teleserye 2023. Dirty Linen is a Pinoy Teleserye that has been aired on January 23, 2023 from the ABS-CBN network. Check out the complete cast of Teleserye Dirty Linen.

Dirty Linen Teleserye

Dirty Linen Cast ABS CBN 2023


Dirty Linen ABS CBN:

Support Cast:

  • Janice de Belen
  • Joel Torre
  • JC Santos
  • JC Santos
  • Aubrey Miles
  • Susan Africa
  • Soliman Cruz
  • Jennica Garcia
  • CJ Navato
  • Xyriel Manabat
  • Raven Rigor
  • Ana Abad Santos
  • Tessie Tomas
  • Nanding Josef
  • Epy Quizon
  • John Arcilla
  • Angel Aquino

What is Pinoy Teleserye?

“Pinoy Teleserye” is a term used to refer to a Filipino television drama series. These are typically serialized dramas that air on Philippine television networks, and often have a strong focus on family, romance, and social issues. They are known for their melodramatic plotlines and a large, ensemble cast of characters. Some of the most popular Pinoy Teleserye include “Make it With You,” “Forevermore,” “Walang Hanggan,” “Got to Believe,” and “Dolce Amore.”

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