Tips for Buying a Good Laptop

Here today we will discuss the tips for buying a good laptop or you can say it as Signs of a good laptop.

Tips for Buying a Good Laptop

Tips for Buying a Good Laptop

RAM: Minimum 8 GB or maximum 16 GB:

If the RAM is 8 GB, it should be in one slot and if one slot is empty, 8 GB can be purchased separately, ie the RAM can be increased later. Hard disk memory should be SSD while HDD is three times slower and uses more battery so only SSD is better for work.

The higher the generation, the more modern it is, that is, 5th better than 4th generation and 5th better than 5th. The most advanced so far is the 11th generation.

3 types of processors:

core i3, i5 & i7.
i7 is the best

If you want to do graphical work, at least a 2GB graphics card is required. The battery should be of lithium cells. Also, look at the mAh laptop battery. If you have a used laptop, make sure you know how many mAh batteries are left.

Second-hand Laptop:

Most of the cheating while taking a laptop is on the display:

That is, a local is inserted by removing the original display, a way to check it. This information is for you if you want to get a used laptop.

Shopkeepers sell old laptops and put up wallpapers that make people happy to see the display, and the wallpapers are such that damage is not seen on the puzzles.

Here’s how to check the display:

Fill in the brightness of the laptop.
After that You have to open Notepad and spread it all over the screen, it will make the whole screen white.
This way, if there is any puzzle damage on the screen or there is pressure on the screen from somewhere, black marks will appear from there.

Second, search for the laptop you want to get on the internet and see its specification which displays the desired laptop has LCD or led.

If there is an LCD then looking at the screen from side to side the display does not look right this is an LCD sign. And LEd is a much better display.

Also, read how to increase RAM on your android phone?

The second important question is the buttons:

Is there a bad button?

Do a Google search for the laptop you want to buy
Keyboard tester
This is 1 MB software download and installs and open it
And press the laptop buttons one by one
The button that is OK will turn green on the screen
To check the processor you have to do a Google search
Download and install this little software to open it
After opening, the CPU information will be listed in the first option
The numbers in front of the name column in this CPU information will tell you the generation
Understand carefully
For example
Intel Core i3,
After that, if there are three more digits, then the processor is the first generation
If there are four digits then there are second or later generations
For example
Intel Core i3. ,,,, 803
That is, if three digits come after i3, then it means the first generation
Intel Core i3. ,,,, 2304
In this example, if i3 is followed by four digits, then this is the second generation
Intel Core i3. ,,,, (3) 405
Intel Core i3. ,,,, (4) 505

These two examples also have four digits but in the first example, the starting digit is 3 then the third generation. In the second example, the starting digit is 4, then the fourth generation.

Remember to put a round bracket to explain the first digit:


With the help of this software, you can also get the information of cache and motherboard
And the same software will give you ram information and graphics card information
If the laptop does not have a graphics card, the information will not be visible

Hard disk and battery; how to check
How to check hard disk and battery when buying a used laptop
You have to do a Google search
hard disk sentinel
Download and install and open this software
Will be displayed
If there is a problem with the hard disk
So health and performance level is not 100 percent
The note is also written at the bottom. If the hard disk is OK, it is told.
Temperature option
You can find out the temperature of the hard disk in the temperature option of the same software
Smart option
All other hard disk tests
You can see in the smart option
The test value in the smart option should be 0
If the hard disk is repaired ie the mechanic has removed the bad sector then the value is not 0
Information option
In this option, you can see what kind of hard you have
SSD or HDD etc.

How to Check Battery:

Open the Windows PowerShell by right-clicking on the Start menu
In it, you have to write this
powercfg / battery report / output
To write
-c: \ bettery.html-
That is, you have to write the path, then save the battery report by clicking enter. Your battery report is stored in the C drive. Open it and view the battery information. This report shows how much the battery was when the laptop was new. How much battery is left to be used?

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