Actress Andrea Torres learned a lot about Muslims because of Legal Wives

Video watch GMA  Legal Wives Full Episode. Andrea Torres Legal Wives Filipina actress took in a great deal about Mranaws and Muslims due to ‘Legal Wives’. Like her person Diane, Kapuso Andrea Torres is likewise learning a great deal as a component of the most recent GMA Telebabad series Legal Wives.

Andrea Torres Legal Wives

Andrea Torres Legal Wives

Toward the start of the colleague between Diane and Ismael-the personality of Kapuso Drama King Dennis Trillo-it tends to be seen that Christian Diane committed some blunder or errors in managing Ismael who is additionally a Muslim.

It will be recollected that Diane embraced Ishmael and surprisingly attempted to shake his hand. It is considered haram or illegal for a Muslim man to contact a lady who isn’t his significant other or relative.

That is the reason Andrea is glad that she and her person are finding out about the way of life of the Mranaws and Muslims.

As his insight grows, he additionally says he respects the qualities ​​he sees from them.

“I’m extremely dazzled with the profundity of their confidence. They truly adhere to the Quran. It’s truly the thing that is satisfying to Allah, that is the thing that they will do regardless of whether it’s hard in light of the fact that they need to get to heaven.

” It’s simply stunning the amount they are. restrained with regards to that and the amount they love the family. You can see that here. They are actually family-situated and quiet, “the entertainer added.

Main Cast:

  • Dennis Trillo as Ismael Makadatu, a Maranao royalty and a Muslim who is married to three women from different generations.
  • Bianca Umali as Farrah Balindong, the third wife of Ishmael.
  • Andrea Torres as Diane San Luis, the second wife of Ishmael and a Roman Catholic.
  • Alice Dixson as Amirah Alonte, the first wife of Ishmael.

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