11 Excellent Anime Series You Should Watch

Intro: If you’re looking for a new anime to watch, look no further! Anime is an art form that has been around since the early 20th century, and it’s just as popular today. There are many anime series out there, but which ones should you watch? Here are some fantastic anime series that you should check out. Whether it’s the characters or the story, these shows have something for everyone. This blog post will introduce you to some of the best anime series ever made!

  1. Samurai Champloo: 

It follows three characters as they travel through early Edo period Japan. You might learn some cool tricks and skills. Samurai Champloo is an excellent example of this. Some characters in the anime use fighting styles and techniques that early people used during

the early Edo period! You’ll also see many other exciting fighting styles – like Capoeira from Brazil and Muay Thai from Thailand.

2. Naruto (Shippuden): 

Naruto is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and dreams to become the Hokage, the ninja in his village that is acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all. Each character in the anime has a unique personality, which makes it even more entertaining to watch. Although it is a long anime series, you can easily download it from 1337x, a safe, quick, and easy way to get all your downloads.

3. Bleach: 

This anime has lots of action, adventure, and comedy. The story follows Ichigo Kurosaki, who can see ghosts! However, Ichigo soon meets Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper from the Soul Society. As expected in an anime series full of unique personalities, each character has a unique look.

4. Asura cryin’: 

Asura Cryin’ is an anime series that involves using demons to fight evil. The main character, Tomoharu Natsume, receives the Asura Machina Demonstrator that allows him to fight off darkness with otherworldly beings known as Asuraka. When he falls into darkness himself, his sister Sorami Kanata comes to the rescue. For those who have a love for sci-fi, this anime is one that you should watch! 

5. One piece: 

Excellent Anime Series You Should Watch

One Piece is a Japanese anime series based off of a manga by the same name, created by Eiichiro Oda. It is about a 17-year old boy named Monkey D. Luffy, who wants to become the new “Pirate King”. In his journey, he meets many friends and foes alike, as well as gaining incredible powers along the way. This show is currently airing its 844th episode as of January 13, 2015, and it is still going strong!

6. Death note: 

This anime has a unique animation style, and it’s told from the perspective of a God-like being. The story follows two characters who have been given a book called “Death Note”. In this world, whoever’s name is written in the Death Note will die. First, however, the main character must follow some rules for using this book. This anime has all the best elements of action, thriller, drama, and mystery.

7. Hunter x Hunter: 

This isn’t your average anime where monsters are the enemy; it’s less of a battle anime and more of a “great adventure” anime. This show revolves around four young people who want to become the most excellent hunters alive and test their strength along the way. With plenty of action and no lack of drama, this anime is great for any teenager who’s looking for an intense show with real-life problems.

8. Attack on Titan: 

The giants were once harmless until they suddenly started terrorizing the humans and devouring them. The only way that humans can survive is by putting themselves inside giant-proof walls made out of titanium. If you’re looking for a thrilling anime series with plenty of action, then this is perfect for you!

9.Dragonball – Frieza saga: 

Goku is an extraordinary Saiyan who searches the universe for more vigorous opponents. He’s not doing it for glory or fame, but because he wants to become strong enough to defend the earth against any evil that invades it. If you’re after a classic anime, then Dragonball – Frieza saga is undoubtedly one you should check out!

10. My Hero Academia: 

If you want a fun and lighthearted series, this is one to look into. In a world where 80% of the population has superpowers, Izuku Midoriya wants to become the greatest hero ever! He’s not alone in his journey, though; he’ll be accompanied by All Might (the world’s greatest Hero) and the number one hero’s idol, Shoto Todoroki.

11. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood:

Anime Series You Should Watch

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is a fantastic series with a gripping, emotional story and a fantastic cast. In this world, alchemy has been established as the basis of all life. However, alchemy has a dark side, as it’s possible to create something from nothing – at the cost of another thing you love.  


give these anime series a chance, and you will be hooked. Make sure you watch it when you have a lot of time on hand so that you don’t miss out on work, as you will want to watch it all in one go.

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